Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You are one. My little Sweetie. One!

Someday you might ask me about your personality at this age. What you loved. What you said. Who you were beginning to be.

You love to point to the cats first thing in the morning and declare that they are "cat." (The dogs are also "cat," but it lacks the same enthusiasm.)

You say "cake" when you want something because you make the same sign for "more" that you make for "pattycake" and then, somewhere in there, we introduced actual cake. Confusing, but it works.

After enjoying a banana last week, you made the sign for "more" ("cake"), pointed to the basket with the yummy yellow fruit, said "a-nana," and devoured a second whole banana. I was impressed.

You love the sound that your new squeaky shoes make when you walk, but you prefer to be barefoot. You can show off your foot or your toes when asked. You can "gimme five" and "gimme foot." You shun socks once I put them on your feet, but excitedly lift your foot and spread your toes whenever I say "sock."

You have this funny little thing you do with your fingers during Itsy Bitsy Spider (you'll figure it out - that one's hard!) and you whistle any time you hear the word "whistle" (or if my students are trying to sing).

You figured out quickly that banging on the piano with two hands results in optimum noise output and you love your new toy piano. Your favorite toy has to be your set of stacking cups though - because you can bang them.

You like to splash in the pets' water bowl even though your mama asks you not to, but you've finally mastered a sippy cup for water - which you grab for during dinner to chug between handfuls of meat. We also can't keep you from drinking your bathwater…which you do repeatedly and with gusto. You are a waterbug.

You assume that Tivo put the bloops there for your amusement. You don't know that I strategically assemble items on my nightstand every night so that you can take them and throw them in the floor every morning. Clock, TV remote, CGMS, lancet device, bottle of test strips, pacifiers...glass of iced tea...(whoops).

You like to choose. You choose which color diaper you will wear, which outfit we'll put on for the day, and which book we will read first. You deliberate and then commit to one excitedly. So Mama purposely made four different colors of cupcake for your birthday party. You chose pink. No one was surprised.

Your daddy and I are so in love with who you are and so proud of how much you've grown. We want you to know that we have had the best year of our lives. You attack us with big, sloppy open-mouthed kisses every morning to wake us and any time we say "I love you."

You are my one. My little one. My precious one.



  1. I have to agree. She's just beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  2. I just adore that "cake" means more. That's one of those things you secretly hope, deep down, that won't ever change. But it does...too quickly. So soak up every moment today. Breathe her in. Because I've seen how you are with her, and how she is with you, and you both deserve every happiness today. Love to you both.

  3. Love. :) She is absolutely wonderful. The Whistling picture is my favoutire too.