Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5-7-5 (Thankfully, not my blood sugar.)

Today's HAWMC prompt is to write a haiku about your condition.

I got into doing this in September of 2008, when Dino started the thread Haikubetes in my home community of TuDiabetes.org.

I posted several there (though the images are new):

The one about support now appears on a TuDiabetes postcard. The one about the glucose tabs appears in the No-Sugar-Added Poetry book along with another poem I wrote called Song of My-[Diabetic]-Self (modeled after Whitman's Song of Myself).

But in the spirit of the challenge, I'm going to put keys to cursor again and drum out a few more.


  1. Love!!! Especially the last one. :-D

  2. Yep, the last one is my favorite as well! Love you, Melissa.

  3. Yes!!! Awesomeness! love the photo/haiku combo

  4. aww they are great. i laughed out loud, well done. isnt your daughter precious?!