Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diabetes Art Day, 2011

Today marks the 2nd annual Diabetes Art Day: a web-based initiative for the Diabetes Online Community to “tell a story” about life with diabetes though creative visual expression.

I decided to tell my story using some of my supplies and a few of Sweetie's toys - particularly the 12 numbers from her Melissa & Doug Clock.

Keep on Ticking...


1 Time DKA (at diagnosis, in a coma)
2 Years on the Omnipod
3 Years in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) - note the toy cupcake
4 CGMS Sensors per Month
5 Shots a Day on Injections
6 Pumps in 21 Years
7 Days a Week I Volunteer with
8 Minimum Times I Test Blood Sugar per Day
9 Bottles of Insulin Every 90 Days
10 Age at Diagnosis (That's me in July of 1990.)
11 Boxes of Strips Every 90 Days
12 Months of Blogging