Friday, November 25, 2011

Kicking the Bucket List

Today’s Prompt: Never Have I Ever. You stick to your guns – now tell us about what. What is something you’ve never done but want to. What’s something you’ve never done and won’t budge on?

I don't keep a bucket list. The truth is that I don't stress about what I haven't yet accomplished. If it's important to me, I will make time for it.

I've had itches - I've often thought that I would enjoy publishing a book. I started a novel in 2005 and decided it wasn't really for me. I managed 17,000 words before the story fell flat and I put it away. And I used to dream about a book of poetry, but I probably carve out 1-2 pieces a year I'm proud of. Not exactly prolific.

I'm pleased enough to have two pieces in the book No Sugar Added Poetry and to have had a hand in selecting the other touching works included in it.

So, travel maybe? Hubster and I love to travel and we've got quite a few places still on our to-do list. We'd love to see Italy, Greece - really anything Mediterranean. And England. We've still yet to explore the US Pacific Northwest. But we feel we have plenty of time to visit these places - and look forward to taking our children when they are old enough to appreciate it.

Not that Sweetie didn't enjoy digging in the sand in the Bahamas or exploring the Mayan ruins (in my Moby wrap) or going swimming in a lagoon in the Cayman Islands...but she also enjoys splashing in the dog water bowl, so, well, you know...

Overall, I'd say I've done a lot of things many people haven't. I've been on television a couple times, I've sung on an opera stage, I've met some celebrities, I've been kissed under the Eiffel Tower... I even photo-bombed the King and Queen of Spain.
I recognize and treasure the opportunities available to me as an adult that weren't there in my more modest childhood. Limited income was a far greater obstacle than diabetes management ever was, and it was an obstacle to that as well!

As to the things I haven't done that I would never's hard to come up with one. I suppose there are plenty of activities I've no interest in or taste for. I've never done drugs or smoked cigarettes and am sure I will never. I've never been drunk (or even had a beer) and it's not really my style. I've never watched a football game (and I'm proud of that, though you probably think that's crazy), but if one of my kids joins the marching band or makes the team, you can bet I'll be there. (Otherwise, it'll take some serious bribery.)

I genuinely prefer not worrying with a long term to-do list before I shuffle off this mortal coil. I'm impulsive in the sense that, if I think something needs to happen in my life, I've already begun making plans to take care of it. Except maybe for getting to play Eponine before I die. I've accepted that that one isn't on my roadmap. :)
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  1. Love it! I treasure a small book of poems and songs written by my grandmother. It was never published, just her little project. I suppose it was like her journal, because we never knew she had it till we were going through her belongings after she passed. As for Eponine... I hope you do have an opportunity! I would travel far and wide to see, hear and applaud you!