Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seussing the Savage Breast

I'm under stress,
I must confess,
Our new addition's in distress.
He screams and howls,
Whimpers, scowls,
Throughout all his waking hours.

Not in a swing,
Not in a sling,
He'll not be soothed by anything!

The only balm
To keep him calm
Is nursing, snuggling in my arms.
Day and night,
It's been a fight.
But hopefully now we'll make it right.

Probiotics first,
Reflux meds if worse,
Nursing for his unquenchable thirst.

A full night's rest?
Lots of breast!
We will, we will, we'll pass this test!

My chubby prince
Will no longer wince
And maybe the rest of us will be a little less tense.


  1. I'm loving the rhyme but not the topic. Hopefully things will get better (quieter) soon!

  2. I hope you find the solution soon, friend. And 'chubby prince' is a great phrase.

  3. I hope you can find him some relief soon. Poor little guy - and poor Mommy and Daddy! Maybe there is something you're eating that's causing him distress? It's so weird sometimes how that works. Hugs!

  4. It's tough to be around an unhappy baby. Hope he finds his "happy medium" very, very soon!

  5. Yikes! I hope things calm down for you guys soon.

    He is ADORABLE though! :)

  6. Awww, poor Mommy! I was just going on 4 when my brother came along. He cried a LOT. They called him colicky but who knows what was really wrong with him since none of the usual things helped. My poor Mommy couldn't nurse at all. As well endowed as the women in my family are, most of them don't make viable milk.

    One night, I'd packed up all of Bubba's things & decided to take him back because he was broken. Mommy found me with baby & suitcase in hand headed for the door. To her credit she didn't panic, despite the fact that I was carrying him upside down. :P

    The next day she took him to the doctor & broken down crying in his office. He told her that as a doctor, he had no advice for her. But as a friend of the family, his advice was to put a touch of Jack Daniels in his bottle at night. Worked like a charm.

    I wonder how fast CPS would show up if you tried that. :P