Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doctors for Dinner

Today's Prompt5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?
I think I had better make two separate lists. Because the five people I'd love to chat it up with for dinner have NOTHING to do with diabetes.

If I could assemble any five, I'd want to have dinner with the people I admire most in the fields of science, politics, comedy, and smart social commentary: (1) Neil deGrasse Tyson, (2) Fareed Zakaria, (3) Ricky Gervais, (4) Jon Stewart, and (5) Ellen DeGeneres. There are others in my short list, but that's my list today.

I firmly believe that my brain - and my sides - might implode what with the smartness and the laughing.

But since this is a health writer's challenge, my dinner of five would include these amazing individuals who work in the field of diabetes. Leading voices in endocrinology, research, and psychology.

1. Dr. Steven Edelman
Okay, so I've already had the pleasure of sharing a meal with Steve during the Novo Nordisk sponsored event when he moderated a panel I was on. But wanting a second opportunity just proves how much I enjoyed his conversation. We are both Podders and Dexcom users with similar backstories - only he became a brilliant endo who championed patients taking control of their health through better education and travels the nation hosting large conventions. And I change diapers.
2. Dr. Bill Polonsky
I've heard him speak and have attended his sessions at a TCOYD event, but I'd love to hear more about his individual successes and relevant experiences working with how we cope emotionally with diabetes. And maybe he'd have an appropriate perspective for me regarding the anxiety I feel about basal testing and exercising.
3. Dr. Aaron Kowalski
I want to know more about the Artificial Pancreas Project, as it's the next big diabetes event on the horizon for us - a technological cure, as it were. I've engaged him in a diabetes talkfest chat before, but I have doubts and dreams. And questions. Talk to me, Dr. K. Over a nice soup course.
4. Dr. Denise Faustman
Dr. Faustman is the only reason I hesitate when I say there will never be a cure. Her work pushes the limits of my incredulous cynicism. She is the most promising researcher in the field.
5. Dr. M - my endo - just because I'd love to spend more time talking with her and I think she'd enjoy meeting all of them, too

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