Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weight Loss

Hubster and I have decided we are going to do Weight Watchers again.

I am exclusively breastfeeding a small human milk tank, so I am allowed as many points as Hubster. This makes me deliriously happy.

My starting weight is just one pound over what it was when I started WW before, back in April of 2008.

Then, I lost about 30 lbs in 6 months and lowered my A1c by 0.8%. Those efforts help me get green lighted for pregnancy with diabetes.

Since then though, I've given birth to two precious beb├ęs - one of whom was over 10 lbs. My body took a beating with him.

After Sweetie's birth, I bounced back within six months to my pre-preg weight just by breastfeeding. Something tells me that recovering from Dibbs is going to take extra effort.

So far, everything about my chunky monkey takes a little extra effort.

Anyway, I am approaching the program with a few attainable goals:

1) eat more reasonable portion sizes of the things I already eat
2) lose a little of the baby weight
3) reduce my A1c by necessarily reducing my total intake (and by extension, carbs) at meals
4) make a renewed commitment to my blood sugar control

You have no idea how quickly and easily that can slip away from you. If I look at my blood sugars from this weekend alone (see screenshot), my A1c could be climbing a whole 1% higher than it was a month ago. That's HUGE. And it means I've got to get my butt in gear.
So, internets, to keep me accountable, I'm going to disclose my current stats here.

A1c: 7.0% (April 2012)
Weight: 183.2 lbs.
Pants size: 16
Hubster has never told me I looked ridiculous before.
Then he saw the outfit I chose to go walking in tonight.
What's wrong with 80s shortie shorts and navy socks?
When I get my A1c checked again in August, 3 months from now, I would like to be closer to the following:

A1c: 6.5%
Weight: 173 lbs.
Pants size: 14

I'll update you on my efforts with specific attention to how my food choices affect my insulin and blood sugars.

As you can see in the picture, I am also playing around with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App. I am on the fence about whether to purchase and begin using the accompanying meter (which docks onto the iPhone), but so far I think their interface is deliciously slick.

Seeing my high pre- and post- meal numbers in the logbook screen was the kick in the pants that I needed. It's time to pay attention. Again.


  1. You can do this Melissa! I think it's great to put it out there and be accountable for it. We are with you the whole way! And you make the cutest babies, by the way ;0)

  2. You are cracking me up! I think you are smoking in that pic! I remember after Caleb was born how hard it was to do anything with any kind of plan - eating - forget it. I shoved whatever was available in my mouth and usually didn't even think about it until after everyone was in bed and then just ate anything within reach at the absolute worst time of day to eat. I am SO impressed with your plan and am confident you will exceed your 3 month expectations. Go get 'em!

  3. Oh, man, I am RIGHT there with you. New babies wreak so much havoc! And I'm finding being constantly tired makes it even harder to get back on the diabetes horse...

    Here's to locking it down! Know you're not alone.

  4. I'm right there with you. I'll have to see what kind of app they make for the Android... (I think you look awesome. Red Daffy Duck shirt, 80s light blue shortie shorts, navy socks and all) *grin*