Friday, June 8, 2012

The 411

Or in this particular instance, 401. 401 mg/dL.

I often explain a T1's blood sugar levels as between 40 and 400, but there are outliers even to that handy saying, as those of us managing this condition know.

This morning, my diabetes seems unresponsive to my different treatment measures. Isolating why it's happening is an insurmountable challenge.

I've changed my pump, opened a new vial of insulin, taken additional insulin via a syringe, eaten nothing out of the ordinary (I eat the same exact breakfast at the same time everyday). I'm not sick, have no wounds that could be infected, have taken no medications.

And yet my blood sugar is dangerously high.

That's life with diabetes.

The high blood sugar causes my cortisol levels to rise to the level that they might be at if I were about to kill a bear with my bare hands. It's a physiological response. I can't help that.

It takes all the restraint in my psyche not to choose a random item in my house and start screaming "hulk smash!!!" as I pulverize it. Thankfully, there are no bears nearby. They would feel my wrath.

In my house, it means it's time for toddler cartoons and baby swings. Mommy feels like she's going to vomit.

I have to measure my urine for ketones so that I can tell if I'm bound for DKA (which can be accompanied by coma, death, etc).

Yeah, they're there. More insulin. More fluids. More cartoons.

It's days like this where it's a challenge to voice anything sweetly.

So I'm going to challenge myself to try to find a silver lining.



Coming up short.

Oh, I know.

At least I checked it. I know that I'm having a problem. I've texted my husband. I've taken every action I can take.

Now I just have to continue keeping vigil.


  1. Feel better soon, Melissa. Damn D...

  2. I hope by now that BG has come down. "Running" over to Facebook right now to "check" on you. ♥♥♥

  3. hmmm... this may explain the sudden increase in the bear populations of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico...


  4. You know what? This stinks, but it's good to hear. Other people being driven crazy (not that you're crazy!) by diabetes makes the world a friendlier place.