Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three for Thursday: Dibbs in the Wild

First time sitting in the grass.

Can I eat it?
First nap with a dog. Won't be the last.
Dear Dibb-Dibbs,

You are six months old. I can't believe you're halfway through the first year of your life!

You are so interested in the world. When you're really focused on something, you purse your lips and stretch them forward, jutting your little jaw out. You grab everything. With precision. You are obsessed with Mommy's insulin pump tubing. You grabbed one of her blue circle earrings and snapped it. You like spoons.

You are just days away from crawling, getting up on your legs and trying to figure out what comes next. You're working on tooth #2 and you're sitting up like a champ. So big. So fast.

Daddy is the most hilarious thing in your universe and you turn into a little grinny goofball every time he smiles at you. He's your best friend.

Sister is fascinating and you work so hard to get her attention. It doesn't work. It will, buddy. Just keep being your talkative little funny self. She'll figure you out soon. She'll have to because you make a lot of high pitched squealy noises when you're happy and you're very vocal when upset (or alone for two seconds). [Sweetie: "What's zat sound? Baby Dibba trying!"]

You like things how you like them, unlike Miss Low Maintenance. You fall asleep on your right side, in our bed, nursing on Mom's left side. At 8 o'clock sharp. That's how it has to be. You won't take a bottle or a sippy cup and you're not interested in solids - though we've now sampled green beans, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, applesauce, peaches, watermelon, plums, bananas, avocado, and oatmeal. Whatever. I'll just order the breastmilk again. Thanks, Mama. Keep it coming. And I'll have seconds.

Your favorite toys are the pegs from Sweetie's mallet and peg board. You're already a huge Mickey Mouse fan. And Bubble Guppies. And Pocoyo. I'm in trouble.

Less than two weeks until we are done with your DOC band (plagio helmet). It will have been 7 weeks, all told. You've taken to it like a champ, rarely fussing with it unless it slides into your eyes. Your forehead is much more even already and your head has grown 2mm or more each week. All in the right places. Mommy and Daddy will be glad to be done with it, but we hardly recognize you without it. It's become such a part of your big personality.

Mommy loves you, boy. You're my little chumbawumbus - at over 23 pounds, over 27" long, and in size 5 diapers. You just keep growing though, son. You're exactly who we want you to be.


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