Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Belt Full of Sugar

Hubster has been out of town all week.

I'm used to being alone with my little ones all day, running around with the two mommy groups I'm in, prepping meals, teaching voice lessons, etc.

But I'm not used to being alone with my diabetes overnight. It's been a long time.

I've lived all by myself twice in my life - once my junior year of college in a dormitory and then for five months in my mid-twenties between roommates in an apartment. I remember the panic of a middle of the night low blood sugar. The wake in a sweat and hope you can crawl to the cupboard kind of panic that used to grip me. I used to keep a basket of snacks next to my bed before I had a toddler who'd eat them all.

Now I sleep sandwiched between my two precious charges. And I have to admit that I worry.

The first night he was gone, I put my Dexcom in my Spibelt (a small personal item belt meant for runners) and filled the extra space in the pouch with glucose Quick Sticks.

It was the closest I could get to sleeping with handfuls of sugar.

And sure enough...

Dibbs stirred at 5am and I checked my Dexcom sleepily. 82--->. Hmm. Probably dropping, should probably...zZzzzZzzz...

I went back to sleep. Hubster texted.

I slept on.

Dibbs made another noise at 7:25am and my eyes popped open.

Dexcom read 44--->. I reached over for my Verio meter. 60 mg/dL. I unzipped my spibelt and started downing glucose.

I'm ready for my Diabetic Alert Spouse to get home.


  1. He could tell you were low from far away!
    Diabetes is so romantic.

  2. I'd offer to come stay with you while he's gone, but um your bed is a bit crowded. :)

  3. Awwww, this is my life too!!! I am my husbands Diabetic Alert Spouse!! To the "T"!!! Before he got his CGM he called me the WEAK-DAR. I could detect his low or "weak" reactions before any body else including him. I'm so glad you have a D Alert Spouse :):):)

  4. love the spibelt idea, and it worked like a charm! so great that he texted you as well. :)