Thursday, March 28, 2013

Confirmation Screens

Since many people are curious about the additional confirmation screens on the Omnipod, I thought I would post a video and a few screen shots of said screens.

Video of a Blood Glucose check and Meal Bolus on the new Omnipod system:

Each time you wake the PDM, you're asked to confirm your identity.
During system setup, you're asked to confirm the setting of the time and date.
When you enter new or edit existing insulin:carb ratios, target BG values, correction factors, or basal program segments, you are asked to confirm your entry before proceeding.
Thankfully, these are not actions you're asked to perform on a daily basis. Here is another example:
As you can tell from the video, the additional confirmation screens are minimal in the testing and dosing steps. The only confirmation screens with which you will have to interface multiple times per day are the home screen confirmation and the additional bolus confirmation screen, as shown below.
If you've read this blog post in its entirety, please press Confirm now.


  1. Thanks for this...and especially the video! I had been expecting to see lots more confirmation screens than I did (perhaps because of the t:slim confirmations I've read so much about?)

    I'll say this though: I've been (im)patiently waiting for the Medtronic Veo, or a variant thereof, to come to the US. After seeing this trend of increasing confirmations, I'm preparing to be slightly disappointed.