Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lifting Me Higher

Spread the Love - Sunday 5/19 Link List
Today's Prompt: As another Diabetes Blog Week draws to a close, let’s reflect on some of the great bloggers we’ve found this week. (Thanks to Pearlsa of A Girl's Reflections for inspiring this topic.)

What a great week! I'm going to list my favorite post from each day.

Day 1 - Sharing
Heather at Unexpected Blues is someone you should be reading. Brilliant, lush writing. Gorgeous images. Beautiful human being. Her post on Monday reminded me of the relationship I had with my endocrinologist in my early 20s.

Day 2 - Petitions
Meri begged diabetes to get a few hours sleep, kick up its feet, relax once in a while. Oh, how lovely that would be.

Day 3 - Memories
The post that moved me the most this week was Karen and her Grape Jelly.

Day 4 - Accomplishments
Ilana reminded me that I don't exist separately from my body. Accepting diabetes as part of my personal definition is something I've struggled with for a long time and she stated a solution so matter-of-factly.

Day 5 - The Trade
In his post about "the trouble pile," Bob shared an allegory about realizing that your own sack of troubles is not worth changing out for someone else's. He also points out how often we probably all joke inappropriately about situations or conditions which might be genuinely painful for others.

Day 6 - Art
Heidi wrote a poem that spoke to me. I loved her lines about "maybe tomorrow will be better...maybe the same...maybe worse." And Reva made some awesome D-body art.

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