Thursday, February 6, 2014

Single Handedly

I have to give a shout-out to Asante for a benefit I hadn't considered when I started their Snap pump in December.

On Monday, I knew I needed to change out my pump body before lunch (3 units remaining), but between the cranky toddler and the gluten-free food prep for the preschooler, I forgot. I made lunch, we ate quickly, and Dibbs climbed into my lap and passed out on my shoulder. Then my daily alert went off (thanks, Snap). I'd forgotten to bolus for lunch, too, apparently. Yikes!

Now I've got a sleeping two year old nuzzling my neck and I need to bolus insulin and I don't have enough left in the reservoir to cover my lunch. I needed to change out the whole thing.
Wish I could say that this kind of thing doesn't happen a lot, but, you know, kids.
No worries. I've got this. With one hand tied behind my...toddler.

Between the perforated packaging on the pump body, the self-priming tubing, and the one-button release for the cartridge/controller connection, I did it all while never disturbing the little boy in my arms. There was no reservoir to fill, no syringe to handle. Just a glass insulin cartridge to pop in. I did it all with only one hand.

Well done, Asante. From an exhausted mom...and a well-rested two year old.

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  1. SO glad it worked for you! The only thing I don't like about pumping is the hassle of changing sets and refilling the reservoir. It's just one more thing to get in the way of a busy life. And for you, it's a LOT worse with two little ones! So the net result was wonderful!! :-)