Monday, May 12, 2014


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Treading water, pumping
my arms and legs,
barely keeping afloat,
for years.
The waves of my life cresting,

I could handle it.
Or at least...
I didn’t want you to have to.
I found my footing, now and then.

When there was only
one set of footprints in the sand,
they were mine,
and they slogged forward
against a relentless undertow.

Diabetes was my burden to bear,
not yours, dear reader.

Like the wild-eyed ruler of an unmarked coastline,
I talked to myself and no one,
if I talked of it at all.

But the day that
those million bottles
with stories like mine
floated within my reach,
I realized I didn't have to chart my course alone.

Like a recovered castaway,
I could tell you now of number-filled unnumbered days,
etching tick marks onto logbook walls.
I could tell you still of darker fears
that prick my days
and lance my dreams.

An advocate is poised
to recount both the despair
- and the hope -
of the human condition.
Sometimes it comes from sun-blanched lips
whipped hard by salty air,
soul of scar tissue, leathered, bloodied.
Sometimes it’s said from the easy chair of privilege
with modern comforts
that seem bionic and apart.

That empty stretch of sand
will always be my beach, my exile, my home.
We find our way
back to this scene.
The concrete is not my truth.

But if you read this message,
That means we're neither of us alone.


  1. So well said! Glad not to be alone and I hope many others read your message as well.

  2. Great poem, Melissa. It seems just like that, how often we're floating and the littlest thing tips us over or rocks the boat. Love how you capture the D-Community and DOC, and how it's so much like a life preserver keeping us above water. Thanks for this.

  3. Beautifully written and such a wonderful expression of what the DOC provides for all of us.

  4. This is beautiful, Melissa.

  5. Oh Melissa, this is beautiful.

  6. This is beautiful! Love it!

  7. Simply lovely. I love the imagery!

  8. Beautiful poem, Melissa! Thanks for sharing!