Thursday, November 6, 2014

Strong and Simple Challenge

The Asante Snap Strong and Simple Challenge is a smart, simple, and quick way to share how their pump has helped make diabetes simpler for you.

For every video (1min or less) submitted, Asante will donate $25 to one of two charities - Diabetes Hands Foundation and Diabetes Youth Families.

If you use Snap or even if you're just doing your free 30-day trial of their pump, would you consider making a video and choosing Diabetes Hands Foundation (or the other fine charity, sure, but seriously, DHF)?

I made my video. On my iPhone. In my car. In a Target parking lot. (Because that's where it was quiet and where I could be childless.)

It's that easy.

Answer (1) how has diabetes made you stronger? and (2) how has Snap made diabetes simpler?

Upload your video here and view my video here.

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