Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Number 1 on the Threat Down

Today's HAWMC Prompt: Give you or your condition a spirit animal.

Every time I take one of those "What is your spirit animal?" quizzes, the answer often comes out the same.


It makes sense. I'm grumbly in the morning, would love to sleep all winter, and enjoy a good back scratching now and then.

But all of this political mumbo jumbo recently about "mama bear" makes me stop and take this idea a bit more seriously.

I'm fiercely protective of those I love. I can be gentle and docile with my little one, but I'm a beast in a fight. I have a huge voice and I know how to wield it.

I can't move all that quickly or gracefully. And you would totally find me digging through someone's picnic basket.

If I were to give my diabetes a spirit animal, Bear seems appropriate there, too.

A bear is unpredictable, untamed, and can damage anything in its path. Sometimes it roars, sometimes it climbs, sometimes it rips a car in half.

Now if only my diabetes would hibernate once in a while!

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