Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week in Review

Today's prompt for the Health Activist's Writers Challenge is to relive the best moment from the last week.

It was a challenging week. Our little 18-month-old cousin has been visiting us for the last 8 days and we are all spent. I've been chasing two energetic toddlers up and down my staircase, back and forth across my yard, and around and around my kitchen island.

I've never seen Sweetie look more exhausted. She swats, fusses, and can't settle for naps or nighttime. She's feeling the same strain I think most people feel when their relatives visit.

For Hubster and me, it has been a week of feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders.

To find the best moment of the week, I have to look past the filthy house, the fussing babies, the stressed out husband, the stomach bug that hit Hubster and Sweetie and has Hubs completely out of commission today. I have to look past the spat between my mom and the Hubs, the out-of-whack blood sugars, the many canceled playdates due to either foul weather or foul stomachs.

You (the prompt) are asking me to find a nugget of wonderful in a week of crap.

And then I think I have it.

Today, just before noon on Easter, after her morning nap, our daughter was wandering through the kitchen munching on her first hollow chocolate bunny - or rather the tiny part of the chocolate bunny butt we let her wander off with after Daddy ate the ears and Mommy finished off most of the head.

I was getting ready to start making grilled cheese sandwiches so that lunch would be ready when the little man woke up from his nap. Pulling the new loaf of bread out of our breadbox, I discovered the top of the loaf was hardened and dried out, and that there must have been a tear in the bag.


"What?" inquired Hubster.

"Crap," answered Sweetie from beneath the kitchen table. Another word to add to her blossoming word bank.

It was golden.

Happy Easter.

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  1. I hope your family is feeling better! Chasing toddlers is a total workout FO SHO!!!!!!!

    Happy Easter!