Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Room of One's Own

Describe your writing room. What is in the room where you write your posts?

I have two spaces for writing my posts, but both of them are...cushiony.

The first is my living room sofa with its olive green microfiber plushness. I'm usually flanked by our two dogs and within arm's reach of a husband. Full glass of iced tea on the end table. Toddler toys all over the floor that I haven't stooped to scoop yet.

Tivo is either quietly recording something we'll never get around to watching or in playback mode for some Food Network show we're only half-paying attention to.

Hubster is usually clicking away on his larger-than-mine Macbook Pro, solving the world's Websphere problems or snickering at LOLcats. He's three times the typist I am, but I can compose an email three hundred times faster. He will never be a blogger.

We're usually fighting over how much or how little overhead light we'd like. And all of us, dogs included, jump at the smallest sounds from the baby monitor.

My second writing space is my rocking glider in our bedroom. It was a gift from Hubster's team at work when Little Sweetie was born and where she and I spent our first night home.

This is my preferred space if Hubster isn't home or there is still daylight. Sweetie might be napping in our bed or watching Mickey Mouse or terrorizing a cat. All of her board books line one corner of the room and she flips through them thoughtfully between tail pullings and shower door slammings.

I love the huge window that takes up one whole wall and the way the full, green, leafy branches of the Bartlett Pear in the backyard move and rustle in the wind. I love how much light fills the room.

One space embodies for me the peace and quiet of the end of a successful day; if I'm lucky enough to sit and relax with Hubster on the couch and actually write, then it has been a good day.

The second space reflects for me the quick, got-to-jot-this-down process that tries to capture creative, fleeting thoughts amidst the craziness of motherhood.

Funny, but it took until now for me to realize that I never write in my home office. Too lonely, too uncomfortable. Virginia Woolf would be scratching her head...but isn't the point that I have my own corner should I need it?

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