Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The HAWMC prompt today is Ekphrasis. Find a photo (somewhere like Flickr Creative Commons) that inspires you and write on the topic for 15 minutes. I did a search for Diabetes and found this photo on the Diabetes 365 Project:

I've had strawberries on the brain a lot lately.

For one, it's Little Sweetie's favorite food. She can do the sign for it and her face breaks into an eager grin at the mere mention of them. I'm buying at least a pound a week so that we can share them over lunch. They go bad so quickly though; I hate that I can't make fresh fruit last until the end of the week.

I love how any one strawberry can be either incredibly sweet or unexpectedly tart and you never know which you're getting until you sink your teeth into it. I watch LS munch on them wondering if she's discovered those differences in taste yet.

I had an appointment with my diabetes educator this morning. I love how Kate will pull out a drawer of rubber food for LS to play with. As soon as Sweetie spotted the fairly-realistic-looking rubber strawberries, one went straight in the mouth. I think she might have nibbled a bit off. Without much reaction, it went back into the box and she decided to taste all of the rubber foods, one by one.

We hoped they were non-toxic.

So I made sure that when we got home, she got the real deal with her chicken nuggets at lunch. They were appreciated - down to the last bite. I put two on my own plate, feeling a little guilty for eating up the last of her coveted favorite food. Not knowing how to count the carbs in 1 large and 1 medium strawberry...and not caring.

In the midst of the faux food and nutritional visual aids, I have no idea what all we changed and why at my appointment, but I'm satisfied that she changed most of my dosages. Even if we get them all wrong, at least it felt proactive. I was too enamored of my own daughter drooling over the rubber rice and broccoli.

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