Monday, April 11, 2011

Wikid Cool

Today's HAWMC prompt is to revise your condition's Wikipedia entry.

After reading the whole darn thing, I have to admit - I personally can't think of anything it lacks.

It's so clearly written - so devoid of glaring factual errors - that it makes me wonder who out there is actually reading it. The people out there telling you to eat moss and who cock an eyebrow when you have dessert certainly haven't read it.

Maybe it should include the sentence:
"Contrary to misconceptions, they can eat cookies."

The entry talks about the risks of both high and low blood sugar and the differences between the forms of diabetes (though, I'm sure that's where many in my community will find fault with it - it gives more attention to MODY than LADA and doesn't label LADA by name clearly). It mentions promising research, but declares that it's all inconclusive at this time. It talks about the condition being "burdensome," but declares us "otherwise healthy."

Thanks, Wiki. I think your contributing wiki-authors nailed it.


  1. Did you know mostly men contribute to Wikipedia? Are there any special considerations for women with diabetes? Anything about pregnancy, menopause etc that aren't in the entry?

  2. Rhonda, your comment stumped me. You're absolutely right. I'll have to give that some thought.