Friday, April 22, 2011

An Unorthodox Script

What do you wish were a treatment for your condition? What do you wish your doc would prescribe?

I'll never forget the day that Dr. M looked at me and said, "Melissa, you work longer hours and eat more chocolate than I do. I'm the doctor, you're the diabetic. What's wrong with this picture?"

It was a turning point for me. Well, that and falling asleep at the wheel and driving my car off the service road.

I quit my evening job downtown as an assistant retail manager closing the store every night. I quit one of the two schools I was teaching at. I moved to the suburbs.

And I promised to stop buying bags of hershey bars just because I get pissed that the line at the pharmacy is long and get tempted by the display while I am standing in line for insulin. Doesn't quite make sense, I know.

Anyway, it would certainly be nice if the things you wanted to do or were already doing were the prescribed treatment for your health. Even better would be an Rx for a vacation, a maid, and lately, a nanny.

Mine would read: drink lots of coffee, stay indoors in the A/C (and try not to exert yourself), take a spa day, complain about the dogs, chase toddlers, eat Reese's. Or Nutella. Either one really. Generic not acceptable as a substitution.

I'll keep dreaming. I know Dr. M way too well to think I'm ever going to get to fill that script.

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