Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crazy Train

Today’s Prompt: Little Engine Post. Write a list post with 10-15 lines that start each with “I think I can...” Write 5 lines at the end that start with “I know I can.”

I'm a positive, empowered person. There are few things in my life I've ever thought I couldn't do - and I have never felt like diabetes was any more than an annoying obstacle to any goal. Because if I have really wanted to do it, I've found a way.

  • I've traveled abroad (which includes when I thought I was going to die and bravely called to say goodbye to my parents from a pay phone before seeking out insulin on the black market in Prague).
  • I've lived alone (which can be scary with diabetes).
  • I brought my A1c down to 6% after 10 years between 10 and 16%, 7 years between 8 and 10%, and I've kept it there.
  • I've sung in front of thousands of people, including Hilary Clinton.
  • I've built a teaching career I can be proud of.
  • I've had a baby (and expect to have a repeat performance in less than 90 days).
  • I've performed CPR on my daughter when she stopped breathing during a seizure.

I am a BEAST.

Still, I have curiosities about the future. I have hopes. I have fears. But...

I think I can...learn to exercise without fear of lows - or at least in spite of that fear.
I think I can...keep a cleaner house (really want to work on this).
I think I can...learn to fold a fitted sheet (I try all the tricks - always looks like jumbled crap).
I think I can...continue a healthy, happy marriage.
I think I can...raise two kids to be amazing people.
I think I a long life.
I think I can...stave off complications from diabetes.
I think I with the reality if it turns out that I can't.
I think I can...make sure people know how much they mean to me.
I think I can...stop breaking meat thermometers (I have a problem).

I know I and empower the people around me.
I know I can...teach, educate, inspire.
I know I can...advocate for what I need to stay healthy and happy.
I know I my family.
I know I myself.

Beast, I tell you.

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days:

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