Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Straight On Till Morning

Today's Prompt: Theme Song. Imagine your health focus or blog is getting its own theme song. What would the lyrics be? What type of music would it be played to?

Last night, Hubster had some work to catch up on, so I put the little ones to bed on my own. One in each arm, snuggling in our king sized bed, I began to sing The Second Star to the Right, a Disney lullaby that I love - and that my daughter loves. And I thought of this. Recorded it this morning - in real life glory (aka no make-up, hair a mess, babies all over me).

This little blog that I write,
Sung with a voice so sweet,
Will tell you of the dreams I dream,
My triumphs and defeats.

This little blog that I write,
Musings and love to share,
I'll educate you, make you laugh,
And let you know I care.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Sweetie's favorite song, by far.
All my efforts at good health,
Not just for self,
But for my children.

And if you read what I say,
And it helps you fight your fight,
It will have been worth my work here,
This little blog I write.


  1. Really lovely... opened my heart. Thank you.

  2. Simply beautiful. Lovely voice, lovely lyrics, adorable children.

  3. OMG! That was nothing short of amazing!! It brought tears to my eyes. Your voice is so gorgeous & reminded me of my Mommy singing to me when I was little. Also, you should know that you are about to be the cause of me calling & waking up my Mommy right now because I suddenly miss her voice & don't think I can sleep tonight without hearing it. :)