Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In a More Making Sense Kind of Way

My first official "vlog" and, of course, it's while suffering from low blood sugar symptoms. Brace yourselves for a ramble.

What I meant to say was that I knew that there would be a period of transition as I switch from a meter that's significantly lower than my actual blood sugar to one that reads slightly higher. What my body has adjusted to as "normal" now has to shift by 30-60 mg/dL.

Imagine being asked to move 10% more quickly for an entire day. Or drive 20 mph slower on every road. It's just off enough that your whole sense of reality is challenged.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I am a woman of action and needed to do something. So I asked for an Rx for One Touch Verio IQ strips and have been trying to just acclimate to its readings. For high numbers, it has meant a touch more insulin. That's not too big a deal. For numbers between 70-100 on the meter though, I am feeling low blood sugar symptoms that I shouldn't be feeling in that lovely non-diabetic range. My old meter would have clocked them as lows.

On days like today, alone with my children, I choose to cut myself a little slack. Symptomatic? Overtreat and accept consequences. It doesn't help me get to where I need to be...but it helps me get through where I am today.


  1. I'm a little low right now and will have to watch this again soon, but OMG you have the cutest kids :)

  2. if you feel low, aren't you low and the meter's wrong?

    i am glad you ate a bunch of snacks with your adorables.

  3. Love the babies!

    Stinks that you have to juggle the meter differences. That makes it hard.