Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Sweetie Does San Fran

As part of a new series here at Sweetly Voiced, the little voices in my life will occasionally guest blog for me. Mama needs the break. Anyway, our contributor today is 2 years, 7 months old. She enjoys chocolate, dogs, counting to 100, yelling very loudly, and running. Just back from her 13th round trip on an airplane, this tiny seasoned jetsetter wants to share her perspective on the city of San Francisco.


I loved downtown San Francisco. Mama and Dada keep saying I'm a "big city girl." (They say it with a funny sound in their voices though.)

It's just... So. Awesome.

There are buildings and cars and hills and cupcakes and bushes and DOGS and you can run for blocks and blocks. And whenever you want to stop, just go limp and someone will drag you by one arm for a block or so. They groan, but they love it!

Mama proves she loves me when I lie down on the sidewalk and she scoops me up and lets me ride on her back. I like to let her prove it a lot.

On Sunday, we met up with Mama's friend Sarah and her daughter Miss Diva. Miss Diva can run fast! And she played peekaboo with Dibbs. I dropped my expensive chocolate cupcake in the floor of Sift bakery, but I ate some of it anyway. Chocolate can't go bad. Everybody knows that.

On Monday, we went out for more hills. And apples. I love apples. Mama trekked all the way up a big hill to Whole Foods just so I could have some fruit and chocolate milk at the hotel.

On Tuesday, Mama's friend Emily picked us up and drove us out to Berkeley to see my Uncle Manny. We had a BLAST! We made so much noise taking silly pictures! The DHF office had all these open windows I could climb through to try to see the street below and SCISSORS and doggie toys and buttons to press. And I found a pen in the trash can! And I counted all the pens on Emily's desk! (There were shulben pens altogether.)

We ate outside (we had a "pimmit") in a rose garden and I kept running off to explore. Manny came along a lot. He wanted to explore, too. Or play chase. Or whatever. There was running. We counted stairs.

Mama sweats a lot. And sighs a lot. And has gray hair. I love her soooo MUCH! (You welcome, Mama.)

We got back into the city and I wanted to go back downstairs, so we went out walking. Or dragging really. I love being dragged. Mama doesn't drag me as well when Baby Dibbs is in the stroller.

We found a restaurant that actually had a kids' menu. "Chicken - nummy! Fries - nummy!" I like to wiggle and dance and climb and stand on things. It makes my brother tired to watch me.

Dibbs dropped Mama's straw on the floor and I picked it up and licked it clean. It was my "flute."
my floooot
I ended up getting my big girl rights revoked and had to sit in a highchair.

On Wednesday, we rode the BUS! Just like in Bubble Guppies! A nice lady gave me a Reese's cup. A nice man gave Mama his seat and helped me get into my seat, too.

We got off and we dragged for a long while toward the flower conservatory. I tried lying in the dirt again. We met up with Mama's friend Summer and my new friend S and I pressed a yellow button and made a dinosaur roar. It made me jump, but I kept at it. Buttons take repetition. All buttons. To make sure they are always working.

After the flower place, we walked to an AWESOME playground and I let Mama run off some energy chasing me. The sand slowed her down, but I pushed forward to encourage her. She seemed refreshed. I could tell by the sweat. And she ate all the "tutose" she brought with her.
Mama "refreshed"
I got to ride a cable car AND the subway to go across the bay to Uncle Manny's house. There were three balls. Well, four if you count the big exercise ball. And you're not allowed to play in Santi's room.

Also, doggies love when you hold their faces and kiss them. And play with their toys. And jump on them in hammocks.

The best part was eating hot dogs. Manny's were just sitting there on his plate, so I helped myself. I like hot dogs.

And ladders. I like climbing ladders. I showed Santi how I could climb up into the tree and it made everyone yell my name - my WHOLE name.

Santi gave me an elephant, a koala, and a star. But the balls had to stay. Three balls. Well, four if you count the exercise ball. Which I do.

On Thursday, Mama took us to breakfast at Mel's Diner. I got upset. Really upset. Mama wouldn't fix it. But once I discovered maple syrup dipping sauce, it got better.
After my upset, I was properly drenched in maple syrup.
We went to the Children's Creativity Museum. There was sliding. And running. And so much to play with and build with and color on!

We went to a different museum on Friday - the Exploratorium. It's really more for bigger kids, but I liked the pin table. I ran around the whole museum looking under every table to try to find the pin table again. And to see if other tables had pins.

Dada decided we would stay one more day so that there would be room on the airplane for...for...all my new toys, I guess. Or something like that. So we went to a donut shop that sells maple bacon apple donuts. I picked off the top. It was nummy!
Then we went to the pier to see the sea lions and eat french fries. There was a fun little park with a doggie that watched over it. Every time you went down the slide, you had to go over and bark at the little dog. Hey, I don't make the rules, I just...wait, yes I do make the rules. Nevermind.

Anyway, running is fun.

The last night we were there, Mama told me all about the airplane we would get on the next morning and we talked about my doggies and kitty cat back at home.

I can't wait to try my face holding doggie kisses on my doggies. And pull the cat's tail. Just in case he missed me doing that.

If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to...run. Running is awesome.


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing! I normally start skipping blogs when there are kids involved (no offense to any mamas)- but this was a great POV!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm exhausted just reading this.
    Tons of fun!

  3. Ohmygoodness! Now I need a nap. And a hot dog. One of Uncle Manny's would be great. And I need to go kiss the dog. And probably another nap. *whew*

    Best line ever? "Hey, I don't make the rules, I just...wait, yes I do make the rules. Nevermind."

    Sheer genius, that is.

  4. OMG. HOW do you do all this??? I swear you are super woman. I couldn't do all that you do. And I have twin 2 year olds!!!

  5. Next time you come to the Big City, I will come and visit you! I might take the BART or take the big boat across the water.

  6. Superwoman indeed!

    You guys are so badass. And how cool that you got to meet Sarah!

    Love all of the cute pics and vids.

  7. I'm not sure how on earth I missed this todate, but reading it now was just like being there as it happened. Perfection! What an amazing girl (and athlete!) Miss B is. MsDiva keeps asking when she's coming back to visit. :) Next time y'all can come stay at our house. Fluffy doggies and InNOut french fries and Disney karaoke, oh my!! xoxo