Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arts & Crafts Day

Okay, so Sweetie and I had ourselves an Arts & Crafts Day.

I dabbled in my first non-food Pinterest project - a menu board.

It took me ALL DAY.

Sigh. Alllllll daaaaay.

I started at 8:30am. Hot glue gun, a broken repurposed cutting board, popsicle sticks, cardstock, ribbon...

By lunchtime, I needed Sweetie to eat three small boxes of raisins so I could make my little boxes (for Poultry, Soups/Seafood/Slow Cooker, & Red Meat).

I worked on it in spurts throughout the day. If you have a 2 year old, you know that everything takes longer with help. My office is a disaster as all the crayon wrappers were peeled away, boxes of stickers dumped onto floors, ribbons streamed across the sky.

And as my family slept peacefully just after midnight, I finished up the last of my ingredients for the backs of my 52 little cards. Wow.

I now have a (rather obviously) handmade version of the same information I keep week-to-week on a Note on my iPhone - but now with shopping lists so that I don't have to sit and make my weekly lists while referencing countless cookbooks and online sources. And it's kitschy...for my kitchen.

I mentioned it was Arts & Crafts Day for both of us, right?

Well, Sweetie found a pencil and some scrap paper and made her first unprompted drawing. She has scribbled lines on a MagnaDoodle here and there before, but I finally got real art from her. A defined shape with purpose.

A round shape. A pretty good one for a first circle - meeting completely and everything. And two eyes that I watched her draw but the mechanical pencil lead wasn't advanced enough to show anything for it. "Cat," she said to me.
You're damn right it is, Sweetie. That's most definitely a cat.

Arts. Ur doin it rite.


  1. whoa---your menu board is BRILLIANT.

    and i can practically hear the kitty purring. what a day!

  2. how cute! I see the cat too! I love Pinterest! I am addicted and have gotten so many ideas!!

  3. I love, love, love the cat. Damn right.