Friday, October 26, 2012

Where No D Has Gone G4

Though I know of people who were lucky enough to be guinea pigs for the Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM system, I think I am one of the first D-bloggers to start using it officially. I've been operational for 12 hours now. Yeah, yeah, shut up and get to the photos.

I ordered their Ocean Blue. I think it looks darker than the photo on their website. Considerably. Still, I love blue. I'll take it.
Ocean Blue

Product Image from's webpage - I like their blue better

What Came in My Shipment

The transmitter has a six month lifespan and apparently they are fairly serious about this. The box comes with instructions (I also received these instructions from my local Dexcom clinical rep) that removing the transmitter from its position in the box immediately begins its life (aka warranty) and that I should wait to remove it until I was ready to begin my first sensor.

Dex 7+ transmitter next to G4 transmitter
The transmitter is roughly the same size in length and width, but much thicker/taller. Matte finish, too.

What's in the Receiver Box
The box with the receiver comes with a tutorial CD, a user's guide, a wall adapter, a charging/syncing cable, and a leather belt clip case that snaps shut (designed with a man in mind, I think, as it includes a snap loop to go around a belt - Hubster had to explain that one).


With 7+ and Verio
You slide the little port cover closed when not charging.
Super Skinny
With t:slim. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
Slim enough for back pocket carrying.

60% smaller sensor than the 7+ (image emailed to me from my clinical rep)
(image emailed to me from my clinical rep)
Start Up

Symbols: In range, full battery, no reading yet, and - uh-oh ???.
But it worked itself out by the 2 hour calibration time.
In other news, I was their first tech support call.
Up and Running

After calibrating to a 123 and a 133, I got my first reading immediately.
The alert screen for the low threshold I've initially set (YDMV)
The alert screen for the high threshold I've initially set (YDMV)

I think 12 hours is too soon to say. Before I went to bed, it said I was 108 and rising, but my fingerstick revealed I was over 200. I recalibrated and, a few minutes later, it asked me for another calibration. Then it seemed to stay right on track through the night.

It's alarms? Customizable to a degree. I have it set on the loudest, most annoying setting. It woke us in the night to say that I was below 55 and I corrected with a juice box. Woke at 74 this morning (fingerstick) and G4 said I was 76. Not bad, G4. Keep up the good work. I think I'm "falling" for you.


  1. Great post Melissa! Love the pictures and matte finish :-) Love your line at the end! Well done, the tslim and G4 combo! I will be there soon, to stand up!

  2. It looks so lovely and so not 'medicine-y' for people. That's important I believe. I love the screen and the graphics and the numbers on the right instead of the left leave me where the graph ends, so that's nice.
    Congrats - you are rocking it, Melissa!

  3. I love this! The screen is glorious. And I love that your rep sent you photos of a dirty old sensor. I hope you'll keep us up to date on the G4 experience!

  4. Mine supposedly shipped today, and this makes me much happier about my decision to upgrade. I'm sure I'll find out, but is Dex going to automatically send a replacement transmitter every 6 months? Or are we supposed to remember that?
    Thanks for this!!!

  5. Another great review, Melissa! Thanks! Totally chuckled at your title...

  6. We never used the case on the 7+ because I couldn't open the clip far enough to slide it over the top of her pants. Does this new one also have a clip, or just a loop to go over a belt? Q doesn't wear belts.

    She wears her 7+ in a Too Sweet Boutique waist pack, but it would be nice to have options.

    Thanks for sharing all the photos!

  7. Katy - I thought the same thing about that picture!

    Abby - I don't know if they are going to call us to remind us about the transmitter BUT the one year warranty will cover two transmitters. I read that on someone else's site after the conference call (last week?).

    I WANT MINE!! There is the possibility that my prescription coverage will include the Dexcom but they are still waiting for the NDC codes to be issued. So I wait...

  8. Wow, you are outfitted with the very latest tech pump and CGM-wise. Agree about the blue which is better on screen but still, I'll take it.

  9. We just got Kennedy's Pink one in the mail today! Doing training with our cde on Friday, first experience with a cgm, so wish us luck!

  10. I will be joining you G4s tomorrow when mine is delivered. Really looking forward to more accuracy and the thinner, sleeker design. I will also enjoy the better range, so that I can put it on my nightstand at bedtime (which for whatever reason, didn't work with the seven+).
    My rep told me that the transmitter is guaranteed for 6 months, but could (and should) last up to 9 months AND then Dexcom will replace it.
    I will check in after I wear it for a week or so...

  11. not loving mine. in 7 days, i had to reinsert catheter (understood) and then it got thee ??? all last night and today. they said they'd send a new sensor by...tuesday. i said no. i don't want a new one unless it's overnight. however, despite hours on the phone and some frustrations, i really enjoyed having my sugars shown to me every 5 minutes; i vacillate so much. if i can get the catheter in a good spot, i'm willing to try again.

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