Wednesday, October 31, 2012

T:slim in Action - Correction Bolus

I was disconnected for longer than I intended this morning (forgot to reconnect after my shower), so I checked my blood sugar and took a correction bolus. And I did it all on video. Spooooky.

Okay, not spooky. But it's Halloween and I had to acknowledge it. What will be spooky is my post-trick-or-treating-barbecue-feasting-with-friends blood sugar tonight.


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this, Melissa!

  2. I think I missed something! Are you not on the OmniPod anymore? This looks super-cool.

  3. Very interesting!

    The delivery is much slower than the Ping - that thing shoots the insulin into you - and about the same speed as the Minimed.

    I love the "splash" for the insulin, especially when you realize how tiny one unit (or even ten) actually is! :D