Monday, October 21, 2013

Gluten Free Recipes, Part 1

Sweetie's recent celiac diagnosis has prompted me to revisit my menu planning. Since I cook at home every night, I am finding that there are a few dishes I need to tweak to make them family friendly. She has self-selectively eliminated most obvious gluten from her diet over the last year - no pasta, rolls, buns, etc - but there are lots of places in my 50 or so favorite recipes where bread crumbs or gluten-containing ingredients can be replaced or re-imagined.

Tweak #1 - Easy Parmesan Garlic Chicken by Kraft.
It's a simple recipe that even picky members of our family enjoy. The Good Seasons dressing packet, however, contains soy sauce and wheat. Replace the packet with 1 tsp Parsley, 1/2 tsp Onion Powder, 1/2 tsp Adobo seasoning. I might try adding a little Worcestershire, but for now, I can't tell a difference in the taste. Nailed it!

Tweak #2 - Fried Pork Chops / Fried Okra
I season the center cut chops with salt, pepper, and oregano still, but now I dredge in Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour and GF bread crumbs that I made using lightly toasted GF bread blasted with a food processor. The chickpea/fava bean flavor that some reviewers of the flour complain about is actually the perfect nutty component for the pork. They are amazing. I imagine this flour will also be the perfect thickener for my chickpea chili and other meaty chili dishes. To sweeten the deal, I also dredge some cut okra in the same mixture with some beaten egg and fried in vegetable oil for some dang good fried okra. Sweetie eats it up like candy.
Mmm...crispy pork chops.
This was the nastiest bread I've ever tasted (Ener-G brown rice flour bread),
but it makes perfectly palatable toasted bread crumbs.
Can't wait to make crumbs out of the better breads we've tried (Rudy's is my fav so far).
Tweak #3 - Rice Krispie Treats
As the rest of the internet apparently knew before I did, the recipe for RKTs that Kellogg's gives out nowadays is all wrong. My first attempt resulted in decent tasting but wholly unchewable bricks. They were bad enough that I can't get Sweetie to trust me again and try the later attempts. For my next three batches, however, I played with the ratios as suggested here and produced ohmygod-this-may-be-my-personal-kryptonite rice krispie nirvana. You absolutely must cut back on the cereal by a whole cup and up the butter. OMG, up the butter. By at least a tablespoon. Don't wait until the marshmallows melt completely before combining. And don't press down on the treats as the new recipe suggests. Just let them sit in the pan. Your hands will be sticky. Your mouth will be sticky. And, if you're me, your blood sugar may go up to 380...but it will be worth it.


  1. Yeah, Ener-G rice bread is AWFUL. Udi's or Rudi's are the best widely available brands. But you nailed it - bad bread still makes good bread crumbs! Also - most of the Chex flavors are GF - except the wheat, obviously. I LOVE the Vanilla. Tastes like birthday cake. Also, if you wanna get into baking, Alton Brown has a gluten-free chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe that is THE BEST.

  2. I love that you found a way to use the disgusting bread! I hope you will continue to post your GF revelations.