Monday, April 18, 2011

A Day in the Life

Write a list of your daily routine from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Be honest.

I can't think of anything less important to you, Dear Reader, than my daily schedule.
But here goes.

Wake up to Little Sweetie pulling on my lips and laughing, nurse Sweetie, test blood sugar, take insulin, drink coffee with Hubster, change a diaper, nurse Sweetie, let dogs out, eat breakfast (made by Hubster), take shower (with LS at my feet slamming shower door with glee), laugh as she does same thing to frustrated Hubster, brush teeth, diaper one of us, dress both of us, make Hubster's lunch, say goodbye to Hubster

Turn on Mickey Mouse episode as I attempt to check email, start daily housework, start load of cloth diapers in laundry, attend playdates and/or play with toddler, several diapers, at least one more nursing

Blood sugar test and insulin, Lunch for LS and me, nap for LS, more housework, 2pm: test blood sugar, make coffee, feed dogs and cats, put diapers out on the clothesline, play outside with toddler, answer TuDiabetes admin issues as they arise, prepare music lessons, change several diapers, 1-2 more nursings

I teach Music lessons while LS has a snack with babysitter and watches Bubble Guppies or Sesame Street, 4pm usually brings another blood sugar test and coveted extra cup of coffee

Diaper, nursing, I start cooking at 6pm while LS runs in circles around my kitchen. Her dinner is on the highchair by 6:45, blood sugar test and insulin, Hubster comes in around 7 and we eat together. 7:15, LS gets a bath for about 20-25 minutes. Much splashing and singing of Bobby Darin songs. Accompanied by bubbles. Diaper, jammies, story time, lullabies, last nursing…usually wrapped up by 8:15.

Clean up kitchen, stuff diapers, do dishes and/or start dishwasher, sit down for an episode of something or other on tv, talk to Hubster until he nods off on the couch during said episode, check on TuDiabetes discussions I'm following, blog, post to Facebook, clean out my inbox, test blood sugar, take out contacts, crawl into bed, asleep before hitting the pillows

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